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Marketing is a whole suite of strategies and activities centered around promoting a business, and selling its services and/or products.To establish a strong marketing foundation for your business, you need to consider several key elements. Strong foundations are built on solid footings or pillars buried deep underground.
Where core marketing work creates this strong, reliable foundation – your website will be the building or home that stands securely on top of it.Neosoftsol’s unique and valuable strengths that matter and make a difference to its target market will be represented by each of the pillars. To build a foundation, a lot of digging is required to clear the area and prepare it. Metaphorically, digging refers to researching and understanding the target market, including their needs, desires, preferences, pains, and motivators.

Decide How You Want To Be Known By Your Target Market: Creating Your Brand

Neosoftsol, like many other companies, often make the mistake of simply creating and promoting a brochure-style website without effectively connecting with their target market, resulting in poor resultsThey fail to offer the crucial information that customers truly seek, which could sway their decision-making process: whether to continue exploring your website to learn more about your offerings or to seek information elsewhere.


When individuals land on Neosoftsol’s website, they typically make a snap judgment within 8 seconds (some sources suggest as little as 2 seconds) about whether to continue exploring the site or to leave. During this brief timespan, it is essential to convey, in an intuitive manner, that they may find what they are looking for by staying on the site. Of course they’re not reading a whole page in 8 seconds, let alone your whole website. “Am I in the Right Place? Does this company offer what I’m looking for? Why should I stay here?”

  • Who you serve, (so your visitors know if it’s them or not)
  • What problems your company and/or products solve, (so your visitors know if you offer something they actually care about)
  • What special/value-added help or support you provide to your customers, (so your visitor know how you add value)
  • What is unique and meaningful about your particular company that differentiates you from the crowd. (so your visitors know and remember how you stand out in a meaningful way)


When you are clear on who Neosoftsol is, who it serves, how Neosoftsol has helped others, and what makes Neosoftsol’s solution (or Neosoftsol’s way of doing business) different, Neosoftsol is building a strong foundation for the rest of Neosoftsol’s marketing. Neosoftsol can always come back to Neosoftsol’s Core Marketing Message (aka positioning) and create any marketing pieces Neosoftsol wants (web pages, Google Ads, landing pages, blog posts, social media messages, promotional materials, printed collateral, stationery, etc) to ensure they will connect with Neosoftsol’s ideal target market and bolster their trust in Neosoftsol.

More Trust on you!

Be of Service – offering valuable, supportive information through an easy and intuitive website, contact info, frequently asked questions, etc.;

Ways to Establish & Build Trust

  • Be of Service – providing valuable, supportive information through an easy and intuitive website, contact info, frequently asked questions, etc.;
  • Be honest and sincere at all times;
  • Listen to your customers/market & show them that you listened by providing them with the things they asked for
  • Show them who you really are and what they can expect when they choose to work with you. People like to do business with people they like, know & trust.

Show them who you really are and what they can expect when they choose to work with you. Individuals prefer engaging in business with individuals they have a connection with, like, and trust. Understanding and embodying the core values of Neosoftsol is crucial in conveying its essence, especially in the brief span of just 8 seconds or less.It will earn you their time and willingness to stay on your site and follow through with a quote request or even a quick sale if you strike the right chords within them. If you can’t comprehend or express the genuine worth you offer to potential clients, you’ll lack a sturdy base and struggle to achieve success.